Just lit up but got interrupted? Use a Snuffer!
How to use the cigarette snuffer.
Cigarette Smoking
  1. Light a cigarette for smoking.
  2. Open the Snuffer's lid and drop the cigarette's lit end down inside the Snuffer.
  3. Close the Snuffer's lid and count to four.
  4. Drop the unlit cigarette out and relight it WITHOUT PHYSICALLY ALTERING IT.
Upon relighting, the cigarette will taste totally fresh just like a new one. The same cigarette can be snuffed out and relit many times and it will taste fresh every time


  1. The cigarette's end does not touch the plastic.
  2. Inside the Snuffer's bottom is a 1/2" deep metal cylinder totally encapsulating the cigarette's burning end.
  3. The cigarette goes out due to lack of oxygen which does not physically alter the chemicals.
  4. Snuffer's are totally MADE IN THE USA.
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